Parts That May Need Replacing on Your Semi Trailers Over Time

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Operating a trucking company means maintaining trucks and trailers that you use regularly. Maintaining your semi-trailers is different from your trucks, but they still need attention, or they can breakdown when you need them. 

Common Wear Points

Semi-trailers have some parts that create common wear points that need to be checked regularly. Some of these parts are not difficult to replace, but it is important that the correct parts are used to ensure they will work properly. Tires and brakes are among the most common wear parts on the trailer, but suspension system parts can also wear out over time. Trailer manufacturers can use several different suspension systems on the trailer, but the two most common are airbag suspensions and leaf springs suspension systems. 

Suspension Repairs

The airbag systems ride smoother so are often used for dry vans and box trailers that carry fragile goods or lighter loads. Leaf spring suspensions are more commonly used for flatbed trailers and trailers that need more support due to the heavy loads they haul. If the springs or airbags need replacing, it is crucial that the work is done right and that the highest quality semi-trailer parts are used for the job. Working with your local semi-trailer repair shop to change these parts is often the best option because the job may require some special tools and equipment.

Brake System Repair

The brakes on your semi-trailer are a complex air-powered system that needs to be adequately maintained so they continue to work correctly. The brake shoes on the axles can wear and need replacing, but there are also air lines and valves on the trailer that the repair tech should inspect for damage regularly. If an air line starts to leak, the brakes can lose air pressure and affect the brakes' performance. In most systems, air is required to disengage the trailer parking brake, so if the valve on the trailer is not functioning, you may need to replace it. The steel air lines can rot over time as well, so you may need to have those lines replaced if that happens. Any shop that carries semi-trailer parts should carry air lines and brake system parts to replace the ones on your trailer. 

Tire Wear and Damage

The tires on your semi-trailer are probably the most common items that need replacing, and while they are not purchased at a semi-trailer parts dealer, they are a wearable item that most repair shops will have on hand. Worn tires can fail when the trailer is loaded and, in extreme cases, could cause the truck to be too hard to control, resulting in an accident that damages the truck, trailer, and cargo. 

Maintaining the tires is as important as any other part of the truck and should not be neglected. 


23 March 2021

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