The Right Tire Maintenance To Improve Handling And Safety

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The tires of your car need to be maintained to prevent headaches from issues like blowouts and flat tires. Maintaining your tires is also a good way to reduce wear and improve handling. Good tires also make your car safer to drive. The following tire maintenance will help improve the handling and safety of your car:

  • Rotating Tires for Even Tread Wear—The first thing that needs to be done with new tires is to rotate them frequently. Whenever you do routine maintenance like oil changes and tuneups, it is a good idea to rotate the tires. This will help ensure treads wear evenly. Rotating the tires also helps improve handling by keeping the tires with the least tread wear on the frontend of your car.
  • Alignments to Reduce Wear of Tires and Other Parts—Another part of tire maintenance that needs to be done is an alignment. This is an important auto maintenance task that directly affects the tires, which is why most tire shops can offer alignment service. Alignments help improve the handling and reduce wear that can shorten the life of your tires. In addition, make sure you have an alignment done anytime you do major suspension repairs and whenever you have new tires installed on your car.
  • Balancing Tires When You Have a Problem With Vibrations—The tires on your car also need to be balanced for even wear and better handling. When new tires are installed, they need to be balanced to ensure they perform as they were designed to perform. In addition, when there are problems with vibrations and handling, it could be due to losing weight on one side, so balancing the tires could fix the problem.
  • Know When the Tread Wear is Too Much, and You Need New Tires—The tread wear of tires needs to be checked routinely to ensure your tires are wearing evenly. When the treads are beginning to wear thin, you are going to need to change them. In addition to normal tread wear, tires will also need to be changed when there are defects or uneven wear that pose of risk for blowouts and flats. In some areas, you may want to change the tires seasonally for winter weather conditions and different tires for the warmer months.

Tire maintenance is important for the safety and handling of your car, as well as to reduce wear that leads to costly repairs. If you need help with rotating, balancing, or changing your tires, contact a tire maintenance service company like King George Truck & Tire Center to ensure your car is in good shape.


28 July 2020

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