3 Elements Of An Unforgettable Radio Auto Ad

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Creating a great radio commercial is trickier than a television ad because you only have the power of audio to get your message across. All the tricks that marketers use to draw people in visually won't be at your disposal. So you'll have to get people's attention in other, more creative ways, especially if you're trying to sell automobiles. Creativity is key. Because people are used to hearing automotive radio commercials, they're also used to tuning them out, so you'll have to create something memorable or useful. Here are three essential elements to creating an unforgettable ad for your automobile.

Grab Attention

Advertisers used to say that an ad had twelve seconds to get someone's attention before the audience tuned it out mentally or physically. But that time frame, tiny as it is, is getting even shorter. In today's advertising world, your window may be as short as eight seconds. The reason for this is that attention spans are getting collectively shorter thanks to the pace of the internet and television. To create an effective ad, you need an element that stands out within the first eight seconds. But you're competing with everyone else who's trying to do the same, so you'll have to think outside the box.

The Benefit

Because of the short attention span of the listener, he or she needs to know quickly why the ad is of any benefit to them. Before the ad explains anything, it needs to create a compelling reason why the listener should keep listening. The best way to do that is by tapping into their emotions. You can do this by conveying how your product will make your listener's lives easier, happier, more content, and more interesting. This can be tricky with an automobile ad because it's not typically a spur-of-the-moment purchase. You need to grab the heartstrings of those who are thinking of buying or convince those who are on the fence about buying that now is the time and yours is the place. You need to create a story.

A Story

One of the best ways to demonstrate to a listener why they should buy your product is to create a story. It's not just a theory. Our brains are hardwired to relate to stories. In fact, studies have shown that the human brain learns best through stories. After all, human beings have been telling each other stories around the fire for thousands of years. Stories make us feel connected and engaged. It doesn't matter if the tale is emotional or humorous as long as it creates a connection.

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25 February 2020

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