Car Getting Older? Two Ways To Protect The Exterior From Rust


If you own a car and it is getting older, it could be a good choice to keep it rather than getting a new one. You do need to make sure you keep the exterior of your car protected, however, as this can help it last much longer for you and look much better. One thing an older car can do is start to rust. Rust can cause a lot of damage to a car, such as damaging body panels and causing problems with the frame. If you let the rust continue, it can eat holes through the body of your car. Before damage starts, read the information on how to protect your car from rust.

Clean and Inspect

Clean your car well and then do a thorough inspection to see if there is any current rust on the car. One thing you may not consider is the undercarriage because this is something you cannot see. Rust is especially prevalent here, however, as this is what comes in contact with things like moisture, salt on the roads during the winter, and more.  

If you do find rust on your car, you will need to remove the rust before you start protecting the exterior of your car.

Use a Rust Inhibitor Spray

One of the best ways to protect your car from rust is to use a rust inhibitor spray. You can use this spray anywhere you find rust. This is because the spray will prevent the rust from coming back again.

You can purchase rust inhibitor spray in auto parts stores as well as online. Each product comes with full instructions on how to use it, but they all work basically in the same way. First, make sure the rusted area is clean. You then apply the spray directly or with a roller or a brush. 

Once you apply the spray, the rust neutralizes and changes into a dark color. Once this happens and the product sets, it will be much like a primer. You can then paint the primed area for even more rust protection. You may want to take your car to a mechanic if you are not sure where to look for rust. This professional can find the rust for you so you will be sure to use the rust inhibitor spray in the right areas.

Besides keeping the exterior protected from rust, you need to make sure you do proper maintenance on your older car, such as keeping up with oil changes, tuning up your car, and more.

To learn more about rust inhibitor spray products, contact an auto parts store in your area.


6 February 2020

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