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Legal Demonstrative Exhibits

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Click above to see examples of various exhibits.




Arrow  Litigation support and consulting

We can work with you to help you develop the most effective exhibits depending on the type of trial.

Arrow  Trial exhibit boards

Many of the links on the right will take you to examples of graphics that have been developed for a case and then blown up on large boards for courtroom presentation.  Sometimes the exhibits are meant to be for mediation or for a bench trial — the size of the exhibit will vary.  We have experience with either shipping the boards already prepared from Houston, Texas, or with working with a service in another community who will print, laminate, and deliver the boards.

Arrow  Computer Presentations

A digital presentation such as PowerPoint is meant to be visually appealing. It is helpful to remember that a picture is meant to be "worth a thousand words" — a thousand words are not meant to be in the picture.

An interactive computer presentation can be more functional than the traditional PowerPoint presentation.  An interactive presentation allows for more flexibility than a more linear PowerPoint presentation as the attorney may want to change throughout the trial.

Arrow  Ten Commandments of Demonstrative Evidence

1.  Keep it simple.
2.  Use images and content familiar to the audience.
3.  Pay attention to scale, color, and contrast.
4.  Anchor key points and issues with a common visual theme.
5.  Test your evidence on men and women of different ages and backgrounds.
6.  Develop one or two key visuals early and use them consistently in deposition.
7.  Prepare your experts and witnesses early using demonstrative evidence.
8.  Use a demonstrative aid with every witness.
9.  If you hope to get it in, don't spring it on your opponent at the last minute.
10.Never just tell when you can show and tell.

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